MS POS KSeF platform – Make your company ready to use mandatory e-Invoices (KSeF)

The legislature has introduced legislation to establish a system for continuous control of transactions. A Polish system called the National e-Invoice System (KSeF) was made available to all taxpayers in 2022 for voluntary use.

As of January 1, 2022, every business has the option to voluntarily use the National e-Invoice System to issue electronic invoices.
According to the law signed by President Andrzej Duda, from July 1, 2024, all entrepreneurs will be required to use e-invoices through the National e-Invoicing System (KSeF).

What is the KSeF?

The National e-Invoice System (KSeF) is an ICT system for sending, receiving and storing structured invoices. Once the invoice data is entered, it will assign a unique identification number to the document and verify the accuracy of the data.

Additional information is available on the government’s official website.

What is a structured invoice?

The VAT Law defines a structured invoice as “issued using the National e-Invoice System with an assigned number identifying the invoice in this system.”

A structured invoice is issued in accordance with the model specified in the regulations. It contains all the elements that the VAT Act requires for invoices, as well as optional fields encountered in business transactions. The structured invoice has an XML format.

The invoice will be considered issued and delivered on the day it is uploaded to the National e-Invoice System.

Benefits of using e-Invoices

  • Saving time and eliminating errors
  • Storage, archiving, and entry of cost/purchase invoices.
  • Streamlining the circulation of documents
  • Elimination of disappearing invoices, ability to speed up the approval process, elimination of emailing invoices.
  • Streamlining document workflow
  • Removal of paper work can speed up document circulation and thus reduce payment delays.
  • Secure document and data exchange
  • Encrypted file transfer, digital signatures and secure systems make e-Invoicing the safest way to send and receive invoices.

Supporting the operation of KSeF through MS POS

In addition to the MS POS KseF Platform that we provide to our clients, we also help with process and technology issues.
Our service includes a comprehensive analysis and support in the preparation of a model for the flow of data, information to the KSeF system and the implementation of a comprehensive solution that meets the requirements of the legislator, while adapting to the individual needs of each company.


Benefits of MS POS KSeF Platform

  • Identification of all required and optional fields in a structured invoice
  • Identification and integration of data sources (IT, billing, logistics systems, others)
  • Mapping and optimization of currently functioning processes: issuing, receiving, data and information flow, document circulation
  • Adaptation of Microsoft Dynamics AX2009/2012 or Microsoft Dynamics 365 system for non-standard accounting of cost invoices, correction invoices, project invoices.We are ready to support your business!