Our knowledge and experience


Our knowledge and experience

We support selection and effective implementation of solutions based on digital technologies, using cloud architecture and modular structure. Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Cegid Retail Y2 business applications are effective tools in the process of digital transformation.

“Choosing the right system is a complex process during which being open to suggestions is important, however remaining realistic even more so. Internally involved people often do not consider aspects that the external partner is able to identify. That is why we advise and accompany you in this process, giving recommendations and using our many years of experience. Having a holistic approach enables concentration on innovative solutions and the goal-oriented project implementation.”
Konstantin Gergianakis, CEO MS POS

The role of MS POS in the implementation of IT solutions can take different forms:

  • External consultant

  • Implementation partner of the new solution

  • Dedicated partner providing comprehensive support

We support our partners in building the value of their business.

During the process of implementing IT solutions, we analyse the following issues in the context of your organisation:

Why do I need a new POS system and what added value will it provide to my business? What are the goals of the project?

What is the minimum I want to achieve? – Phase 1 of the project definition

What may be useful in the future? – Phase 2 of the project definition

Is the effort worthwhile in relation to the benefits? – ROI

Can I simplify the project while maintaining the required standards?

What internal and external resources do I need?

What is a realistic schedule?

What will happen after the end of the project? – Do I need post-implementation support?

Our recommendations focus on providing a future-proof solution.

We draw your attention to the common obstacles:

Adding too many requirements can lead to project failure. We recommend that you focus on the basic functions. Additional requirements can be included in Phase 2 and then implemented as necessary.

The introduction of a new system is a good opportunity to change or improve existing processes. The existing methods should not constitute a barrier to the effective use of the solution.

Planning too theoretically or not involving the right people can lead to an underestimation of the budget and failure of the project.

Discussions and exchange of information are important, however decisions in the project should be made in a timely manner by the assigned stakeholders.

Our transparent and holistic approach as well as an in-depth analysis enable you to achieve success.

The values on which we build our strategy are reflected in our