Support at every stage of implementation


Support at every stage of implementation

Introducing a new system to the organisation is primarily a matter of good planning and relevant preparation. We offer you our support and commitment in this journey based on our knowledge and experience.

Questions that we clarify in the consultation before the Go Live:

Have the key users been involved in the planning at the right time?

Have the essential requirements been implemented?

Has the system passed all tests?

Are the infrastructure and all interfaces operational?

Has sufficient documentation been prepared and thorough staff training conducted?

The following factors also play an important role during the implementation:

Implementation should not be carried out during peak hours

Ensure sufficient number of staff members are available

To avoid too long parallel work with the old and new systems, it is best to carry out a conversion at the beginning of the financial year

We recommend to focus solely on the software implementation

Preparatory measurements such as hardware replacement should be completed in advance and properly tested

For large and complex implementations, it is advisable to investigate whether the process can be carried out by company, country, and region

Testing at different sites is recommended. Experience gained should be taken into account during subsequent implementations

Together with our clients, we plan and create sustainable and realistic concepts.

Our goal is to carry out the implementations that are suitable for both short and long term.

Our knowledge and experience provides long lasting solutions.