Comprehensive service offering


Comprehensive service offering

We provide

comprehensive support for Microsoft Dynamics 365, AX2009, AX2012, Power Automate and Power BI applications. Our offer is tailored to the needs of customers and their current situation. A broad range of packages enables selection of the most beneficial scheme adjusted to the client’s budget. Our proposal is based on a clear and carefully designed concept of ticket tracking model, allowing swift and efficient support. 

Supporting your Digital Transformation

■  Omnichannel retail

Multichannel approach to sales became a reality in recent years. Combination of online, in store and via a call center commerce constitutes daily routine for majority of retailers. We help our clients maintain these environments in constant readiness and uninterrupted availability.

■  Automated production

Delivering products on time and eliminating downtime, as well as making production resistant to unforeseen changes are important aspects of automation in the field of any manufacturing services. We provide support in production continuity and elimination of malfunctions.

■  Digital selling and strong remote customer relationship

Rapidly changing customer preferences and increasing expectations towards sellers require innovative tools. We ensure that your digital selling journey is adapted to current needs and flexible enough to accommodate swiftly changing circumstances.

In everything we do, our focus does not solely lie on the software, but on the big picture – the interaction between software, hardware and network. And above all, we focus on the customer.” Mario Barac, MS POS Sales Manager

What makes us stand out

Comprehensive support

Hotline services for Dynamics D365/CE/Power Platform/ISV products (such as LaserNet)

Developers executing changes and modification orders

Dedicated platform for communication and tracking requests – based on Jira Service Desk and DevOps

Support in the aspects of MS licensing policy

Dedicated PM support 

Monitoring the quality of cooperation (sales supervisor)

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