Compliance with Polish legal and tax requirements


Compliance with Polish legal and tax requirements

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The Polish Localization Package is a solution that ensures the adaptation of the system to the legal, accounting and tax requirements in force in Poland. Easily submit tax declarations, verify registration data of business partners, prepare for tax audits and integrate with banking systems. Planning to run a business in Poland, it is worth working on our Polish Localization Package solution.

The modules in the Polish Localization Package from MS POS Poland meet Polish legal requirements,
and describe business practices that have become a determinant of the functioning of many companies in Poland.
Our solution makes companies fulfill their obligations on time, efficiently and without any problems,
and most importantly, everything is done in accordance with Polish accounting principles.

We provide the Polish Localization Package (PLP)- an extension of Microsoft Dynamics 365, AX 2012 or AX 2009.
All available modules for Poland

White List

Checking correctness of a contractor’s bank account number while processing a transaction

Avoid the risk of transfers to unregistered bank accounts of your partners through direct integration with the taxpayer registry.

Bank interfaces

The functionality enables the automation of activities related to the handling of the payment process

The ability to send a large number of transfers with little user effort and time allows you to minimize the risk of errors in settlements.

Fiscal printer integration

Functionality dedicated to the Polish market

The system integrates with
a fiscal printer, thanks to which all sales operations are registered in the system while simultaneously printing a fiscal receipt / invoice for the customer.

GUS verification

Downloading data from the REGON database (GUS), on the basis of the given NIP number

The mechanism speeds up the creation of a contractor’s file in the system and eliminates errors that may occur when entering data manually.

VIES verification

Checking contractor status by NIP number

Taxpayers making transactions with domestic contractors can verify the VAT numbers of Polish active VAT taxpayers.

ExRate import from NBP

A mechanism that automatically downloads exchange rates from the National Bank of Poland

The functionality allows you to import the course for any day or for a specified date range.


Standard Audit File of Tax

Functionality that allows you to send all types of JPK in accordance with the requirements of Polish law directly from the system.

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