Your trusted partner for digital transformation


Your trusted partner for digital transformation

With creative solution concepts, swift and flexible in implementation, we are your all-in-one partner. Optimising processes and staying focused on the way to success for our customers. We attach particular importance to innovative and future-oriented consulting.

“In projects we are guided by best practices and many years of product, industry and life experience to achieve best results for our customers. We believe in our motto: Profound preparation and expertise combined with many years of experience and a pragmatic, transparent approach lead to the achievement of the goals.” Konstantin Gergianakis, CEO MS POS

An experienced and professional team of IT specialists, qualified consultants, multilingual support and our office personnel, we all contribute to the achievement of the most complex customer requirements.

In addition to investing in our employees and their professional development, we update our know-how systematically to react instantly to the rapid industry changes. We observe trends and adjust our consulting services approach to provide the most relevant solutions.

The search for modern technologies and the use of innovative solutions
are no longer plans for the future of today’s companies, but rather necessary actions to maintain profitability
and competitiveness on the market.

Konstantin Gergianakis | CEO


“For me, everyday interactions with people mean both inspiration and challenge. Developing solutions and designing new concepts are always motivating tasks and enrich my daily work. Fair interaction with employees, suppliers and customers is our highest maxim.”

Agnieszka Brzezińska | Board Member


“A real challenge for me, but also incredible joy, is the management of diversity in agile teams. I put great emphasis on ensuring that teamwork brings benefits to our Clients. I create an agile organisation that flexibly and dynamically focuses on providing knowledge and value for our Clients whilst building an attractive work environment for our employees.”

Mateusz Owczarek | Board Member


“Working in close contact with Microsoft products gives me the opportunity to have a real impact on the digital transformation currently taking place around the world. Thanks to the opportunities I have received at MS POS, I have the pleasure not only to observe this progress, but also to create it.”

Wojciech Marciniak  | IT Manager


Being a Microsoft partner means not only access to the latest technologies, but above all the possibility of using these technologies in the digital transformation with cloud solutions on international markets.” 

Anna Kręt | Back Office Team Leader 

Office & Administration 

“Working in the Back Office is primarily about caring for relationships with customers and suppliers. My goal is to constantly improve the way our organisation operates. In my daily work, I focus on effective cooperation with other teams and efficient information flow.”

Mateusz Syczewski  | Commerce Development Team Leader


„The pace of development of the technological business environment has seen unprecedented growth over the past decade. The only way to keep up with the changes is to work with a trusted and determined partner to optimize existing processes and provide a helping hand in avoiding unnecessary investments. The cornerstone of our work is honest and open communication, which ensures success and control over projects.” 

Anna Libera | Retail Consultant

Dynamics 365 Commerce 

The world is rushing and the retail industry with it. The best market players follow technological trends. Time and dynamics of implementation count. There is no room for passive projects in the retail industry. The most important factor in successful implementations is team commitment and willingness to introduce new solutions.” 

Jakub Bednarek  | F&O Development Team Leader


With the use of Microsoft technology we have the opportunity to create modern software, which we can observe in everyday life.
It is fascinating how one hour of work done by a programmer can result in hundreds if not thousands of hours of saved for the customer.” 

Karolina Daszyńka  | Project Management Office Team Leader

Project Office

I coordinate the work of talented people who, with their knowledge and experience, support our Business Partners in achieving strategic goals.
The success of MS POS and clients is based on a combination of agile project management methods and full involvement of the entire Team.” 

Robert Jachowicz  | SCM & Power Platform Team Leader

SCM& Power Platform

“Recent years have seen a real technological revolution that has brought many changes to our lives. Thanks to powerful tools such as D365, Power Platform and Azure Services, we can now model and design business processes in a highly efficient manner. As consultants, our goal is to help clients take full and effective advantage of the Microsoft software ecosystem to ensure their success and competitive advantage.” 

Donata Bobrowska | HelpDesk Team Leader


Working at HelpDesk is not just about simply handling requests, we build lasting relationships with our customers, providing technical and business support and development tailored to our customers. Many of them have been working with us for more than a dozen years. A great value is the cooperation between teams, it allows us to meet the growing and very dynamic demands of our customers. Knowing well the needs of our customers, based on the knowledge and experience gained in more than 20 years of working with ERP systems, we offer our customers the right ‘dose’ of digital transformation.”

Bronisław Ćwiertniewski | Manager of the branch


The qualitative sale of Microsoft products is a joint commitment. By adjusting the flexibility and scalability of the platform, we achieve the intended goal.”