Effective management of IT projects


Effective management of IT projects

Successful implementation of IT projects requires a careful approach. In order to ensure our projects run smoothly, we have combined the classic Waterfall method with Agile elements. Following that concept, our projects are divided into six phases: diagnosis, analysis, design, configuration, deployment and operation.

In order for the process to run efficiently, we carry out the diagnosis and analysis stage directly on the implemented system, while the design and development phase is divided into various sprints so that completed work is regularly verified and systematically delivered.


Initial assessment

Definig the scope of the project

List of initial features

Cost estimation


Business requirements

Analisys and needs

System funcionality aspects

Key user engagement


Solution plan

Funcional specification

Design documents

Test scenarios



Customisation and parameterisation

Data migration

Transition plan


Test and training

User training

Integration and acceptance tests

Funcional documentation



Advice and support

Final project report

Ensuring business continuity

What our customers gain from this approach?

Maximum security and transparency

Schedule and budget planning is carefully monitored

Project risks for partners and customers are reduced

High control over efficiency and success of the project

Close cooperation, communication and coordination

Complete and unified project documentation

Scalable to companies of all sizes

Adaptability to any project type: local, global, de- or centralised

Functionality presented during the workshops and some parts directly adjusted

Customer can see and try the system

There are fewer misunderstandings

More agility

Early involvement of key users

Increased quality

Shortened project timeline

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