Highly effective and efficient


Highly effective and efficient

For retail and hospitality

The right POS system is a crucial part of trouble-free operation. Therefore, taking into account needs and requirements of our customers from retail and hospitality we make every effort to recommend the right POS system and software for the respective business models. It is particularly important that POS and software supporting the business are integrated appropriately for all functions to work optimally. Software can also respond differently when combined with certain hardware. In order to avoid any disruption and design operations processes optimally our MS POS team will advise you on the choice of the right hardware for your POS system.

MS POS offers hardware from the leading market manufacturers with years of proven quality. We perfectly understand that selecting the right POS system is a long-term decision and therefore it should be taken under the sufficient amount of professional expertise.

What is important when deciding on a new POS system?

Long-term availability of the POS configuration (components, mainboard etc.), at least 5-7 years

Reliable provision of spare parts and drivers (spare parts guarantee)

And a manufacturer’s warranty of at least 3 years

The design of the cash register also plays an important role. We develop suitable design concepts for our customers, so that the cash register can match their sales counter, look attractive and operate efficiently. All cash register systems offer an optional EC device, a receipt printer and a customer monitor. There is also a growing trend towards radio and mobile use.

Selection of POS hardware for your point of sale

Below we present the video with three cash register systems:

Toshiba TCx 800




PT Audrey A5-1


Toshiba – TCx 800 All-in-one POS System

Agile, modern and flexible – designed for a unique customer experience

Toshiba is very famous for its reliability. The cash registers are tested under extreme conditions in the laboratory and prove to be exceptionally robust in daily use. There are also 4:3 and 16:9 versions available. Furthermore, the POS systems have a variety of peripheral connections.

The most important details at a glance

retail hardened (very robust)

versatile configuration

various interface cards (exchangeable)

different screen sizes (15″-18.5″ and formats 4:3 or 16:9)

adjustable height


Hewlett Packard RP9 Retail System

Performance meets elegance – your POS becomes an eye catcher with its all-in-one capacity

Upon the need of high processor power paired with a large screen (15.6″ or 18.5″) the RP9 cash register from Hewlett Packard is the number one choice. The cash register can be configured in various ways. The system can be set up easily and is highly reliable.

The most important details at a glance

high processing power

large screen (15.6″ or 18.5″) 16:9

versatile configuration

utmost reliability

complete glass surface


Partner Tech – Audrey A5-1

Stylish and powerful – reflection of future vision of the POS

Partner Tech is a German company and one of the leading developers and manufacturers of computer-based POS systems. The compact and shapely Audrey scores additionally with a good price-/performance ratio. Whether intended for retail or hospitality, the Audrey model fits into any environment as it is also available in different sizes and colours. The cash registers come with a 5-year bring-in guarantee.

The most important details at a glance

very good price/performance ratio

elegant, compact design

5 year bring-in guarantee

various processor types up to i5

light and narrow

up to 3 displays running simultaneously


Do you have any questions?

Would you like advice on choosing your POS system? We will be happy to help you!