POS system that exceeds your expectations!


POS system that exceeds your expectations!

Our global world makes ever-increasing demands on retailers who are constantly challenged with new business trends. Whether related to personalised shopping (CRM), diversity of shop concepts, instant availability of goods, international presence, tight product cycles, connectivity, omnichannel marketing or the engagement of modern technologies.

What is the current situation in retail?

Studies by Zebra* (Purchasing Behaviour Study, 2019) and the research by IHL Group** (2019) reach the following conclusion:

1 in 4 customers leave the shop frustrated without completing the purchase due to the shopping experience not meeting their expectations**

51% of staff do not have sufficient knowledge and as a result customers feel better informed than the sales staff*

Long queues cost retailers nearly 35 billion euros*

Customer’s needs often remain unfulfilled as on average only 65% of retailers have a reliable product inventory*

Every minute of system downtime costs retailers an average of 4.00 euros*

What is the consequence?

13% of customers are permanently discouraged by poor or unfulfilled Omnichannel orders**

10% drop in profitability for retailers**

What do customers need? They wish to …

see the product before they buy it

reserve an item for when it becomes available

be regularly informed on the status of their order

have access to product information

be able to finalise payment quickly via preferred method

return purchased item without complications

experience continuous online-offline processing

establish a personal relationship

experience support and kindness from the sales staff

It is therefore particularly important to be able to relay on a system,
that meets these expectations and current retail market demands.
Cegid Retail Y2 POS system ticks all the boxes.

POS system, which is comprehensive, modular and integrable

Cegid Retail Y2 offers POS solution that can be integrated as a store system in any environment with features that fulfil specialised retail needs. Cegid Retail Y2 maps all business processes used in stores, while being lean and easy to use. Thoughtfully designed architecture enables fast operation at the cash register without having to omit necessary product and customer information with support of high security and extensive offline capability.

Cegid Retail Y2 maps the majority of existing Omnichannel scenarios in the standard version, such as Store to Web, Click and Collect, In store order or e-reservation. Central database provides the information in real time and owning to modern cloud architecture, it can be accessed from any place without interruption.

– develops and provides all country versions. Currently, fiscal versions are available in over 75 countries and in over 22 languages. This availability is being continuously expanded.

All the essential product information is available directly at the checkout via Windows, IOS or mobile. It provides comprehensive and tailored to the needs customer support.

Cegid Retail Y2 ensures that functionality and architecture design fulfil customer requirements and shopping becomes an exceptional and personalised experience.

When Cegid Retail Y2 fits best

You and your customers will particularly benefit from the Cegid Retail Y2 POS system if one or more of the following conditions are met. Your company:

already works with a central ERP-system and is looking for a separate independent retail/cashier system

is internationally positioned and operates in the specialised retail sector

has branches in several countries/continents

would like to map extended merchandise management functions in stores

intends to easily integrate a system that is inherently fiscal compliant and takes into account various requirements specific to given countries

wants to concentrate on its core business while being up to date with the latest technical and legal developments – covering all countries of its operation

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