MS POS develops a culture of innovation and digital expansion using Dynamics 365 and Power Platform tools

“Dynamics 365 business applications are the driving force behind digital transformation, by the use of which we develop our business and our clients’ organizations. Being able to implement the solution within twelve weeks was a great achievement.

Konstantin Gergianakis, COO MS POS GmbH


What we achieved:

  • Just 2 seniors guided 2-3 juniors in the implementation and delivery phase
  • In total we spent app. 12 weeks for the implementation
  • Implementation of the whole system in 3 months
  • Our internal contribution was in the range of 50-60 days

What we proved:

  • D365 can be implemented quick and with a relatively low effort on days
  • It is worth to stay in the first phase with standard
  • 3-6 Months (six months for extended functionality)


  • Germany
  • Poland

Technological environments:

  • Dynamics 365
    • Finance
    • HR
    • Marketing
    • SCM
    • Sales
    • Customer Service
  • Power BI
  • Power Apps

Our requirements towards the solution

The implementation covered two countries: Germany and Poland and included complete financial administration with all local legal requirements, buying, stock, sales and invoicing services. Furthermore, we have introduced new hardware, spare parts and support contracts. Major part of the upgrade was stock control and inventory, which has improved greatly upon D365 upgrade. Seeing significant value in connected solutions, we have also implemented CRM integration that supports our sales processes and Power BI allowing us to have instant access to data with rich visualisations. At each stage of the implementation, we have used an agile approach, innovative and proven tools as well as transparent rules of cooperation.

Increased efficiency and access to key data 

Our major business challenge was distributed data and the improvement of cooperation between teams within the organisation, as well as external providers of financial and accounting services and HR. With the growing popularity of remote work, many tasks needed to be automated, and a significant number of manual processes had to be replaced by technological solutions.

As a result of Dynamics 365 implementation, we have gained more control over key processes, such as: project management and their settlement, accounts payable, reporting and human resource management.

Moreover, the current version of AX2012 was not effective enough, while the implemented version of D365 not only provided much faster data processing, but also a more improved user interface, smoother and more intuitive operation. The entire implementation took just twelve weeks and we had the system up and running.

Integrated set of Microsoft solutions

The implementation of the Dynamics 365 in standard version in less than three months allowed access to the key integrations of Office 365, Dynamics 365 CRM and Power Platform, as well as Microsoft Teams communication tools. Seamless integration with these critical business systems and applications has further helped increase effectiveness and enabled productivity gains of 3% to 9% for back office workers and an average of 10% for all employees.

This is largely due to the fact that regular users no longer have to struggle with tedious tasks such as entering invoices and searching for data. Communication silos are also dismantled thanks to integrated systems and data sharing. This means that efficient collaboration between teams in multiple locations is possible, increasing efficiency and time to complete tasks.

Full flexibility and ongoing access to updates 

In a frequently changing business environment, a flexible platform allows to scale the system up or down, depending on current needs. With Dynamics 365, the licensing model has changed. You can now purchase what your organisation currently needs when it needs it, whether it’s adding / removing users or apps and modules.
Ultimately, this means that our company is future-proof and better prepared for a changing market.
Unlike Dynamics AX, which included large manual changes, the D365 delivers progressive, incremental updates at regular intervals. Larger changes are provided as parameters or configuration keys with the ability to decide whether to enable them. Automation of the update process ensures optimal efficiency, effectiveness and safety, as well as the elimination of the costs associated with carrying out these processes manually.


“Implementation of the Dynamics 365 standard version to a large extent has facilitated our cooperation, access to data and modern, integrated tools. Our work has become more effective and represents a real added value for the entire organisation.”         

                                                                                                                    Anna Kręt – Back  Office