The growing importance of omnichannel sales in the pandemic times

The COVID-19 pandemic has shaken the global economy and changed forever the way many industries operate. Both as business owners and consumers, we had to introduce technological solutions in order to be able to continue our daily duties or provide services. Companies that have invested in reliable digital facilities and those that plan to take such steps have a much higher chance of endurance and development in the future.

Digital transformation is particularly important in the Retail industry. With the closure of stationary shops during pandemic, as well as with the changing preferences of buyers, multi-channel sales solutions have become virtually indispensable. They enable entrepreneurs to actively sell during a lock-down, and consumers a safe way to collect purchased goods.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Commerce is a system that offers comprehensive trade support in a multi-channel mode. The experience of MS POS Poland in the field of system implementations guarantees full use of benefits that modern solutions provide. The features offered by Microsoft Dynamics 365 Commerce include:

– access to the full catalogue of products, regardless of the level or location of inventory

– built-in tools for creating eye-catching websites

– contextual product search

– recommendations based on artificial intelligence

– stock replenishment based on advanced analytics

– cloud-based architecture for access from anywhere

– an extensive payment service system

– a fully configurable platform, tailored to the current needs of the company

In addition, prepared by MS POS Poland interfaces to leading e-commerce platforms (Magento, Allegro, Amazon, eBay) allow you to reduce costs and minimize the time needed to connect e-commerce with Microsoft Dynamics 365.

Furthermore, Dynamics 365 Commerce enables flexible approach towards digital transformation, taking into account the capabilities and needs of the organisation whilst meeting global standards for compliance and security. Thanks to the help of MS POS Poland experts, the introduction of digital technologies to the retail trade of the enterprise provides long-term benefits and development prospects.