Aflofarm and MS POS cooperation project in the field of integration of Microsoft Dynamics and the WCS system

As a result of its dynamic growth, leader of the pharmaceutical market, Aflofarm corporation, together with MS POS Poland has carried out a project of automation new high store warehouse. MS POS has been supporting Aflofarm in development and maintenance of Microsoft Dynamics system in recent years. 

Aflofarm is one of the largest and most recognisable pharmaceutical companies in Poland. It has been operating in the healthcare sector for thirty years and has introduced over 115 product brands to the market during that time. For many years, positioned as a leader on the pharmaceutical market in the OTC and dietary supplements segment.

What was the main focus of the project?

The scope of the project covered the creation of a solution enabling the consistent handling of warehouse processes between the ERP system – Microsoft Dynamics and the advanced WCS (Warehouse Control System) system for automated warehouse management. The module created by MS POS consisted of two elements. The first is an autonomous system that integrates a modern silo warehouse with the Microsoft Dynamics ERP system in .NET Core technology. The second part of the project covered the development of a module supporting the management of logistics processes from the perspective of ERP system, which increases the ergonomics and efficiency of warehouse processes and enables communication with the automated warehouse management.

What were the biggest challenges of the project?

The major challenge was a coherent cooperation between four different companies, Aflofarm as the ordering party, a company responsible for automation and warehouse construction, a company providing software controlling the processes automation and communication with the Dynamics system, and MS POS – the provider of the Microsoft Dynamics ERP system solution. Due to the specific nature of the solution, MS POS had to demonstrate a flexible approach to the needs of Aflofarm. Moreover, due to particular regulations of the pharmaceutical industry, the delivered solution had to be designed in a way allowing validation.

What was the greatest success of the project?

The project delivered a fully automated warehouse system, in conjunction with Microsoft Dynamics, that enabled better use of warehouse space, taking into account the requirements critical for the pharmaceutical and cosmetic industry. Dedicated, fully adapted to the needs of Aflofarm solution, enabling the warehouse operation in an optimised and fully automated manner. The project was implemented by MS POS not only before the scheduled date, but also below the planned budget.